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October 3rd, 2014 | By Chad Sarno

I have known Chad since meeting him at a raw food convention in Jamaica in 2000. I reconnected with him at his amazing restaurant called Saf in London. Chad, thanks for sharing your story and recent project with The Kind Life!

In my late teens, after a long journey with asthma, I took the jump and embraced a vegan diet. Within months my asthma symptoms completely disappeared, and from that point forward I dove into understanding how the foods we prepare and eat every day affect our health. Since then, it has been my personal mission to share with anyone that would listen that we can take control of our health, starting in the kitchen. This is why I feel so aligned with Alicia’s mission and her empowering the Kind Life.
Over the last 15 years, culinary education has been my focus. I have trained chefs in plant-based cooking, done personal cheffing, opened plant-based restaurants and also lead the health education initiative at Whole Foods Market. With all of these ventures, I have repeatedly seen the same thing–hundreds of students and clients changing their lives by embracing a plant-based diet and cooking with plants at home. This has only confirmed what I discovered myself as a teen—eating more plants creates better health.
I now know that the simplicity of teaching people the fundamentals of cooking plants needs to continue to amplify and be available to the masses. Rouxbe Online Cooking School was a perfect fit to make this mission and passion that drives me a reality. With Rouxbe’s incredible global platform and commitment to groundbreaking quality instructional videos, the Rouxbe plant-based courses are without a doubt game-changers in the world of online education and plant-based culinary education, anywhere.
I am thrilled to be able to offer this professional course of foundational plant-based culinary arts. Breaking it down to the basics and starting from ground up is essential for anyone that shares this mission and is ready to improve their plant-based cooking skills. This course will arm you with the tools you need to take animal-free, plant-based foods to the next level as a professional cook, healthcare professional, or serious home cook. Join me in building a plant-based army of educators to spread this message to the world- for our health, for real food and for our planet.
Plant-Based Professional Certification Course Details:
With over 1200 current professional students since its launch early 2014, this course is unlike anything else available available in the in realm of plant-based culinary education.  With such diverse learning this course will help you either build your confidence in the kitchen or dive deeper into your craft with more robust plant-based knowledge. Activities include chef guided, visual learning activities, live weekly QA sessions, various quizzes and hundreds of video lessons. With over 100+ hours of online learning, this course covers all foundational skills and technique related to the world of plant-based cooking including: special diets, no oil and low sodium cooking techniques, gluten free techniques, fresh pasta making, raw foods, comfort vegan, all foundational cooking techniques and so much more.  Here is a quick breakdown of the massive amount of content this course offers:

  • 20 units | Over 85 lessons | Over 300 tasks
  • 200+ instructional techniques and videos
  • 175+ video and text plant-based recipes
  • Personalized instructor guidance throughout the course
  • Cooking practice assignments and engaging activities
  • Self-assessments and instructor-assessed exams
  • Equivalent to over 120 hours of coursework and practice time

The next course seating starts October 6th, 2014, with the first 2015 session starting February 5th.
I would love to extend to Alicia’s Kind Life community the opportunity to join me for this course by offering a 20% discount for either the October or the February class start. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, here is how you redeem this discount:

  • Select your seat here!
  • Create account (username and password)
  • Complete purchase

We’re teaching an ARMY of plant-based educators to take the world by storm. Dare to accept the challenge and join us?
Chad Sarno
Chad has brought his unique culinary style to a vast array of projects throughout his career before joining Rouxbe Online Culinary School as VP of Plant-Based Education. Spanning from the launch of a boutique plant-based restaurant brand throughout Europe in Istanbul, London and Munich, to the development of innovative health and wellness initiatives as culinary media spokesperson for Whole Foods Market’s global healthy eating program, Chad’s mission of health inspired plant-based eating has reached all corners of the globe. For more information on Chad’s work visit: and for online plant-based courses visit

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