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I can’t wait for you to meet Bonnie!

American Woman premieres tomorrow, Thursday June 7th on Paramount Network! I’m soooo thrilled to share this TV show with you all! It’s a dramedy set in 1970’s Beverly Hills

Check out the trailer below to get a taste of what’s to come and be sure in tune in to Paramount Network on Thursday June 7th 7pm Eastern/10pm Pacific! You can even watch the 1st episode for free right now, no account or money required.






  • AKM

    Looking forward to it, Alicia! My DVR is set and ready. You look beautiful in the promos!

  • michelle

    Can’t wait! I’ve seen the previews and also have it setup on DVR. Congrats!

  • C. Blake

    I don’t know if I can get this on my local TV in Maryland and I don’t have cable. I will have to look it up, I’m not sure. Congrats on this new project. Looks good and I hope it is successful for you. On a different subject (not sure where to post this, I guess on a FB comment or comment on tkl) did you hear about the KFC veg/plant-based chicken. Kinda funny considering it will probably be cooked in the same oil as the real chicken although at least they a catching on.

  • Heidi Poppy

    It will be great to see you on tv again.